Dragon 1/72 Dornier Do 335 “Pfeil” Build

Here is a recent completion, Dragon’s 1/72 Dornier Do 335 “Pfeil” (Arrow). Extras for this project are two resin DB 603 engines from Aries, photoetch from Part, and EagleCals decals.
I decided to open everything up on this one, so the first step was to cut away the fuselage panels and thin the sides.  The rudders were molded to one half of the fuselage, I cut them loose to better address the depth of the hinge line.
One odd bit of kit design here, the sides of the wheel wells are only partially enclosed. The main gear are meant to fit into the rectangular sockets at the far ends of each well.  There is also the potential for a nasty seam inboard, and at a place not easy to address.  Not the most easily seen part of a model, but this kind of thing drives me nuts.
The half walls were removed with a Dremel tool and all the detail sanded off and smoothed. Then I used the wheel covers as a guide to shape some support for the tops of the well and did the same thing with strip for the bottoms.  Then I made the side walls with Evergreen stock and the nasty gap inboard was covered.  The cut-out at the back of the port wing is a bay for a retractable ladder.
Details and structural frames were built up with more Evergreen.  There is a little “bit-ology” added to simulate the fine details.
Here all the major interior components are test fit.  The fuel and oil tanks are built up from 0.060″ Evergreen stock.
This is the parts farm, separated by colors and ready for painting. Lots of fiddly bits to add to this one.  All the panels were thinned and have the interior framing added, they will be displayed around the finished model.  The landing gear legs have been rebuilt and detailed.
The fuselage interior. Much of this will be covered up, but the after engine bay has some open volume and can be seen past the engine and plumbing.  Most of the Part PE that I used went into the cockpit and the nose wheel bay.  The wing to fuselage joint was a little loose and needed shimmed and filled.
Paint and decals are on, ready for a wash to bring out the panel lines.
The finished model on her base.  Figures are from Preisser, canopy is from Falcon.
I added weight where I could but it still ended up being a tail-sitter. The bottoms of the wheels were drilled out and pinned to the base with bronze rod.
A mirror was cut by a local glass shop and replaces one of the concrete panels in the apron to allow the underside detail to be seen.