1/72 Akitsushima (秋津洲) IJN Seaplane Tender Scratchbuild Part II

With the hull framed in work can begin on the deck. I decided to model the deck hatches open to allow better ventilation below decks.  The hatch locations were carefully measured out and opened up with a Dremel tool and Xacto knife.
Corresponding locations were blocked out inside the hull. I did not attempt to duplicate the compartments or passageways below, the intent was to eliminate the see-through look and provide a place to mount the inclined ladders inside.
After the main deck was mounted the deckhouse under the smoke stack was framed in. Akitsushima also had alcoves under the main deck which can be seen here as well.
The main deck is in place fore and aft.
The side plates are secured using carpenter’s clamps and lots of MEK. I found it best to allow several hours for each set of side plates to dry thoroughly and had no trouble with adhesion if I did so.  Any seams were filled with superglue and filed smooth.
The 0.060″ Evergreen came in 12″ x 24″ (30cm x 60cm) sheets. Butt joints on the hull sides and decks were reinforced with scrap tabs to allow more gluing area.
The bow area has some tight curves which were difficult to bend from sheet stock. The bow was filled with scraps and built up as a solid piece.
The scraps were ground down with a Dremel, then filed and sanded. Any gaps were then filled with more scrap and superglue, and the process was repeated until the bow was smooth.
Here is the basic hull all roughed in and ready for detailing. The Fujimi “Pete” is posed for scale and for the fun of it.

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