1/72 Akitsushima (秋津洲) IJN Seaplane Tender Scratchbuild Part X

Now the superstructure can be permanently attached. I try to work from the centerline out when adding details to reduce the risk of breaking off fragile parts.  Immediately aft of the forward gun are two ready service ammunition lockers, another mushroom vent, and the deck hatch with its associated railings.
More components can now be added around the superstructure. The biggest items are the sponsons with their 25mm twin mounts and the whaleboats.  Numerous smaller fittings are now in place on the main deck.
The whaleboats are mounted to their cradles, the starboard whaleboat has been rigged to its davits. Inside the boats the attachment harness is made from chain, forty links per inch is the finest available and looks the part in 1/72 scale.
An overall view of the chaos on the workbench. Two major subassemblies are still not complete in this view, the crane on the fantail and the forward gun mount.  Many smaller components are being installed at this point, I find it helps to shift between tasks to keep the interest up.
Here the fragile details are being added to the stack. The footrails were formed to shape from bronze wire, I wanted something solid in case I bumped it.  I aligned the supports using masking tape marked off in 5mm intervals, unfortunately the tape lifted off some of the paint which will have to be retouched.  The bronze rods projecting out horizontally are supports for the antenna rig, again I wanted something very rigid and solid.
The finished stack, all detailed up and painted, ready to install. I found it easier to rig the small boom while the stack was still a separate piece.
The 3D printed boat davits match those used on some IJN cruisers, but Akitsushima’s differ in several details.
At this point I became dissatisfied with the vertical section of the crane and decided to rebuild it. One of the issues was I could see a slight bend in alignment, which was a result of my building it as a stack of separate components.  Misalignment is a killer for scratchbuilders and can ruin the presentation of an otherwise beautiful build.  This time I formed the crane post around a central component to keep everything true, the small beige PVC pipe seen here.
The main components of the crane, seen here with their outer surfaces primed and sanded. I did not overlap the surface layers this time, they were butt-jointed and the seams filled with superglue which resulted in a much smoother surface.
The new crane mast to the left, the original to the right. I was able to strip off several of the detail assemblies and transfer them to the new crane, but I decided to rebuild the lattice work on the top with finer stock.

Part XI here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2018/12/25/1-72-akitsushima-%e7%a7%8b%e6%b4%a5%e6%b4%b2-ijn-seaplane-tender-scratchbuild-part-xi/