1/72 Trumpeter Char B1 bis

The French Char B1 bis was a monster. It was designed as a break-through tank and as such it was slow but heavily armored.  It carried a 75mm gun in the hull and a 47mm gun in the small turret, a layout similar to the US M3 Grant.
Recently I have been assembling 1/72 armor while in the midst of other projects, either to allow for drying time or simply as a change of pace. Seems to be working well so far, and that’s how the Trumpeter kit wound up on the bench.  Fit of the kit was excellent and the design precluded a complex running gear.  One thing to watch out for, Trumpeter made some rather perplexing errors on the driver’s compartment.  The top hatch was molded with the interior features on top.  Much to their credit, Trumpeter went back and corrected their molds but there is no way to tell from the box which version is inside.  The other issue is the driver’s visor.  It should be blockier, not tapered on the lower edge.  This can be easily fixed by shaving off the molded visor and carefully cutting a new one from flat stock.  Overall an easy build and an enjoyable project.
Santa, in the form of She Who Must Be Obeyed, left a very nice light tent under the tree this Christmas. I’m still at the early part of the learning curve, but comparing this photograph with the previous one already shows improvements in depth of field and clarity.
This should improve the quality of the images to a noticeable degree. I’m stoked!
I also took the opportunity to add a little more detail to the model. The antenna and tow chain are new.
The chain is 40 linc-per-inch model railroad chain, the antenna is 0.005″ Nitenol wire with a base of Albion Alloy tube. I also discovered I had neglected to paint the exhaust “fishtails”.