Eduard Supermarine Spitfire IX Royal Class Build I

I have been modeling almost as long as I can remember but oddly I have never built a Spitfire. Not one, not even as a kid.  Not that I have anything against Spitfires, I just never got around to building one.  Eduard’s Spitfire IX Royal Class boxing changed all that, now I had four kits and no excuses.  The kits are typical of the new Eduard offerings, a bewildering array of optional parts and minor variations to ensnare the unwary, and tight engineering tolerances to punish those who rush construction.  For those who take their time they build up very nicely.  As is my custom, I built all four together as one batch.

The first is a Spitfire IXe in French markings. It was flown by Jean-Marie Accart, CO of No. 345 Squadron, SEP44.  Accort was a 12 victory ace during the Battle of France.





Part II here: