Imperial Japanese Army Type 94 Tankette, IBG 1/72 Scale

The IJA Type 94 tankette followed the trend of European armies in developing a lightly armed and armored vehicle for the reconnaissance role. It carried a crew of two and a single 7.7mm machine gun, its engine was only 32 horsepower.  It was also utilized as a towing vehicle for a dedicated tracked cargo trailer.  While the type did have some success fighting in China, it was thoroughly obsolete by the standards of WWII.

IBG produce several variants of the Type 94, some boxed with the cargo trailer. This is a small model in 1/72 scale.  The tracks and bogies are mercifully molded as single pieces.  The kit includes a small fret of PE for the muffler screening and a few other assorted bits.  It goes together quickly, I spent more time painting than assembling.