Imperial Japanese Army Type 89 Medium Tank, IBG 1/72 Scale

The Type 89 I-Go was the Imperial Japanese Army’s first medium tank. It first entered service in 1931 in the infantry support role.  Main armament was a 57 mm gun, it also carried two machine guns.  It was active in China and fought against the Russians at Khalkhin Gol.  By the time of the Pacific War it had been replaced in front-line service by the Type 95 and Type 97.

IBG produce several variants of the Type 89 in 1/72 scale. The kits are very nicely molded and feature crisp detail.  A small PE fret is included.  I found the suspension a bit over-engineered, particularly as the springs and bogies are almost completely hidden by the sponsons.  Tracks are of the link and length variety which is a bit tedious.  Still, the kit builds up into a nice model of an unusual subject.  Mine is in a complex four-color camouflage with outlines and yellow disruptive stripes, worn by IJA tanks serving in China in the late 1930s.