Xotic 1/72 Kawanishi E15K Shiun (Norm)

The Kawanishi E15K Shiun (Norm) was an innovative design which was plagued with problems.  It was intended to be fast enough complete its reconnaissance mission and escape any pursuing Allied fighters.  To that end it employed a 1,500 hp Kasei 14 radial engine which necessitated counter-rotating props.  The wing floats featured metal undersides with an inflatable bladder on top and could be retracted into the wings.  If all that failed, the large center float could be jettisoned to reduce drag.  Problems with these features were never quite resolved and all six examples sent to Palau for combat evaluations were quickly lost.

This is the Xotic-72 limited run kit with a lot of work.  The cockpit was a floor with two seat molded in, so it was replaced with several scratch bits and castings from other kits.  The engine was replaced with spare radials from Italeri found in the spares box.  Underwing bays for the retractable wing floats were constructed from Evergreen.  All control surfaces were repositioned.  The beaching cart is scratchbuilt.  Markings represent an aircraft from the light cruiser Oyodo.