Japanese Target A Mini-Sub in 1/72 Scale

The Japanese Target A mini-sub (Ko-hyoteki ko-gata) was a two-man submarine which carried two torpedoes.  Their name was part of a deception plan to pass off the type as an ASW training vessel.  They were designed to be transported to the target area on the deck of a fleet submarine, then to infiltrate an enemy harbor and torpedo the ships within.  Five participated in the Pearl Harbor attack, where one may have torpedoed the battleship USS Oklahoma (BB-37).  On 30MAY42 three mini-subs infiltrated Sydney Harbor, one firing two torpedoes at the heavy cruiser USS Chicago (CA-29).  Both missed Chicago, but one sank the depot ship HMAS Kuttabul.  Two mini-subs attacked Royal Navy ships in Madagascar on 30MAY42, damaging the battleship HMS Ramillies and sinking the tanker British Loyalty.  Mini-subs were also active in the Aleutians and in the Solomon Islands.

This is the Fine Molds kit in 1/72 scale.  It is a simple build with no vices.  The kit comes in two boxings, the Pearl Harbor version as built here, and a Sydney attack version which has a cable cutter on the sail.