Stridsvan103 Swedish S-Tank, Trumpeter 1/72 Scale

The Stridsvagn 103, also known as the Strv 103 or S-Tank, was an indigenous Swedish design for a main battle tank produced during the 1960s. It was fully amphibious, and was the first MBT design to utilize a gas turbine engine for main propulsion.  It was armed with a Bofers 10.5 cm L/62 main gun and three 7.62 machine guns and carried a crew of three.  A total of 290 were produced.  The S-Tanks were replaced in Swedish service in 1997 by a variant of the German Leopard 2.

This is Trumpeter’s kit no. 07298 of the Strv 103C in 1/72. A rather straight-forward build, it only needed a bit of sanding around the rear stowage boxes.  Tracks were single pieces molded in a vinyl type material which reacted well to superglue.  Antennas are Nitenol wire.  This was another vehicle assembled while allowing for drying time on other projects, I find that makes for a nice change of pace while painting.





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