Tamiya 1/72 Aichi M6A Seiran

The Aichi M6A Seiran was designed as a fast reconnaissance bomber to be carried by Imperial Japanese Navy submarines.  The huge I-400 class was to carry three in a large waterproof hanger, folded up and partially disassembled.  Upon surfacing the submarine crew would rapidly move the aircraft onto the catapult and rig them for flight, hopefully launching their charges and submerging before they could be detected.  An experienced crew was able to assemble and launch a Seiran every seven minutes.

This is the Tamiya kit, and is everything you would expect in a kit from that manufacturer.  It is utterly without vice and goes together well and quickly.  Tamiya must be congratulated for molding such an obscure subject – most sources indicate only fifteen were built.  Tamiya also kitted the Nanzan, a land based training version of the Serian.















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