Hawaiian Air Depot Camouflage Scheme Batch Build Part VI

Here is a shot of the B-17E fuselage.  Clear parts are in place.  The Academy kits have noticeable seams around the clear parts, these were filled with superglue and then sanded smooth.  Polishing them down with 8000 grit mesh restores the clarity.
The Academy Forts have a ridiculous amount of wing dihedral as molded.  I filed down both the wing and the wing fillet and it was still not enough to completely correct the problem.  Here is the wing joint set to the proper angle with the gap filled with superglue.
I am still flailing around with the Special Hobby B-18 canopy.  The kit part is about 2mm too narrow to fit the fuselage, and my attempts to plunge mold a wider replacement all met with failure.  I decided to cast a solid replacement out of clear casting resin.  I guess the concept will work, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s not supposed to be yellow, but it sure is.  Learn from my experience, stay away from “Easy Cast” clear casting epoxy.  I’ll give it another go with a different brand.
After a masking marathon using some Eduard masks (on the B-17E), Tamiya tape, and components of the Maketar Canopy Survival set, the major components were primed with Mr. Surfacer 1200.  Everything was sanded down and then the wings were attached.  Here is the status after re-priming and the first round of sanding on the wing joints.  Visible defects were filled with Mr. Surfacer 500 and any other imperfections were sanded and re-primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000.
The B-18 build will stall sometime next week, pending resolution of the canopy issues.  The B-18 kit with the correct nose transparency I had on order was cancelled.  I called the Squadron Shop to inquire about a shipping date.  They could not tell me when it might ship, and said some customers had items back ordered for twelve months (no kidding!).  I told them the ten weeks I have already waited was too long, cancelled the order, and gave Hannants my money instead.  Hopefully I’ll get this one moving along again in a few weeks!

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