Kaiten Japanese Manned Torpedo in 1/72

Kaiten were manned torpedoes, a naval version of the Kamikaze.  They used the propulsion system of the successful Type 93 torpedo with a manned compartment and warhead in the nose.  They were carried operationally on the decks of Japanese fleet submarines, and several surface ships were also modified to launch them via special stern ramps.  They could be employed from shore installations as well.  The Kaitan were plagued with mechanical and operational problems which limited their success.  Approximately 90 were used, scoring only two sinkings – the fleet oiler USS Mississinewa (AO-59) at Ulithi on 20NOV44 and the destroyer escort USS Underhill (DE-682) on 24JUL45.

This is the Fine Molds Kaiten in 1/72 scale.  A small but interesting subject and a quick, easy build.  They are boxed in sets of two, this one was obtained in a trade with friend of the blog and all-around good guy David Knights.