Tamiya 1/72 Aichi M6A Seiran / Nanzan

As the Pacific War ended on 15AUG45, the Japanese had four submarines at sea on a mission to attack the US Navy fleet anchorage at Ulithi Atoll.  Between them the submarines carried a total of ten Aichi M6A Seiran floatplanes, the attack was to be a Kamikaze mission.  Years after the war it was revealed that before departing Japan the Seirans had been painted overall Aluminum and given US markings.

This is another build of Tamiya’s excellent Serian series, actually the Nanzan boxing.  Surprisingly this is another tool, not a reboxing of the Seiran kit with another sprue and unused parts for the spares box.  The base is built up from Evergreen to represent a section of the deck and catapult from an I-400 class submarine, figures are from CMK and Hasegawa.