Hawaiian Air Depot Camouflage Scheme Batch Build Part VII

This build is officially jinxed!  A week has passed with very little progress made on the HAD ships to show for it.  I decided to paint the national insignia using Maketar masks.  This adds a bit to the construction time as each color has to dry thoroughly before it can be masked.  First a white base coat was applied to all six areas (remember that all HAD scheme aircraft have insignia in all six positions) and the rudders.  After a day of drying the white still had a slight tack so I let it dry another day before the masks were applied.  Then insignia red and wait another day, then mask.  Then insignia blue, and wait another day, then mask.  When I went to apply the blue I noticed a spiderweb of fine cracks so I applied another coat.  Then wait another day.  Are you detecting a theme?
The second coat of blue also cracked, if you look closely you can see cracking even after sanding.  Not salvageable.  Bad paint from a brand new jar.  Testors, you owe me $15 in masks and a week!  The masks did their jobs well, BTW.  I’ll re-prime these areas and dig up some decals.
One bit of progress, the rudders came out fine.  No blue on these so all went to plan.  While waiting for the paint to dry I assembled some armor kits.  Four done.  Keeps me from throwing things and startling cats with outbursts of profanity.  Hopefully I can get this back on track for the next update.

Part VIII here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/02/22/hawaiian-air-depot-camouflage-scheme-batch-build-part-viii/