Fujimi 1/72 Mitsubishi F1M Pete

The Mitsubishi F1M Pete was a versatile design which was rugged and maneuverable.  It operated from battleships, cruisers, tenders, and shore bases.  It was primarily intended for observation, but could also perform as an interceptor, light bomber, or in the antisubmarine role.

This is Fujimi’s kit, a real gem.  There is the unusual engineering decision to place the wing seam along the fabric-covered area of the wing, but that is manageable with careful test-fitting and sanding.  An interesting feature is the choice of two options for the main float – the standard float and a waterline.  The beaching cart is included.  The model was rigged with Nitenol wire.  The observer’s gun is a brass replacement.  Overall a nice little kit, and an easy build for a biplane.