1/72 Scale Los Angeles Class Submarine Build, Part III

One thing which is missing from most models of modern submarines is the flood vents on the bottom of the hull.  These are similar to the wheel wells on model aircraft in that they are difficult to see on the finished model.  Add to that the difficulties in referencing details on submarines and most kit manufacturers just skip them altogether.  Fortunately the prints we are using show the locations, here I have used masking tape to transfer the measurements to the vacuform hull components.
The corners were drilled out and then the centers were opened up with a Dremel.  From there the holes can be expanded with an Exacto blade.  The plastic sheet we used to make the vacuform piece had not stretched much on the bottom surface and was still close to the original thickness of the sheet.  I expect it will be thinner on the sides.
The holes are closed off with a sheet of plastic applied from the inside.  This prevents the see-through look and offers support for the 0.015″ strip louvers.  Any areas which need it can be built back up with superglue.
Progress has also been made on the various diving planes. These are the masters before priming, made from Evergreen stock and superglue.  Since we will be building both a Flight I and a Flight III boat there will be differences in the planes needed for each model.  The masters will be copied in resin to provide all the finished pieces required.

Part IV here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/03/29/1-72-scale-los-angeles-class-submarine-build-part-iv/