Hasegawa M3 Stuart Light Tank in 1/72 Scale

This is Hasegawa’s M3 Stuart light tank, a little long in the tooth by today’s standards.  The suspension fought me on this one.  For starters, all the open spokes on the wheels are molded closed.  If you’re modeling a USMC Stuart this can be correct, Marine units welded plates between the spokes to prevent Japanese infantry from jamming the wheels with logs.  I drilled and cut mine open.  The tracks are the rubber band type, to be joined by “crushing the caterpillars with a heated driver” according to the instructions.  I joined mine using the time-honored method of melting the ends off and then pinning them in place with brass rod.  The return rollers are also pinned in place with larger brass rods, as the track tension kept stripping them off.  Other than that, lots of detail bits added, as can be seen in the pictures.  There are some shape issues, but it makes a cute little tank in the end.