Curtiss SBC-3 Helldiver in 1/72 Scale

The Curtiss SBC Helldiver was the last biplane dive bomber used by the United States Navy.  It was replaced in Fleet service by the famous SBD Dauntless right at the end of the “Yellow Wings” era.  This is a kitbash of the 1/72 scale Heller and Matchbox kits of the Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver, built with an Engines & Things resin engine and Starfighter interior and decals.  It was backdated to the earlier SBC-3 configuration using the Starfighter conversion set.

The model is in the markings of the commander of VB-6, the dive bomber squadron assigned to the USS Enterprise (CV-6) in 1940.  The tail color assigned to Enterprise aircraft was blue, and the ship’s call sign “Blue Base” was a reflection of this.  There is color film of this aircraft launching from Enterprise in the Hollywood film “Dive Bomber”.