1/72 Scale Los Angeles Class Submarine Build, Part V

Measuring the length off of the drawings is easy but measuring the length of the three dimensional model is a little more challenging.  Here I have positioned rafter squares to confirm the lengths match.  The tail piece of the model is built up around a length of 1/2 inch PVC pipe fixed in place with casting resin.  This will allow the screw to be socketed into place on the finished model.
With the length and alignment checked the bow and stern pieces are glued into place.  Seams were filled with two layers of superglue and sanded back down with an 80 grit sanding block.  Next is two layers of Bondo and sanding with 320 grit which is shown here.  Seams were then checked by spraying Mr. Surfacer 500.
In between sanding sessions I worked on the screw.  The drawings show a long screw hub coming to a point like a pencil, but photographs show a shorter hub which is blunt like a bullet.  Both may actually be correct, submarine screws were updated as quieting technology improved.
Here are the screw hubs in rough form and shaped on the belt sander.  The beige tube is 1/2 inch PVC, the white shaft is Evergreen, the whole assembly is filled with casting resin.
Screw blades are made from 0.020″ Evergreen with the edges sanded smooth.  There are seven blades, they are curved and swept back.  The screw was prepped with Mr. Surfacer 1000, then primed with Alclad black primer.  The finish coat is Alclad Polished Brass.
I have also begun casting the control surfaces.  These are the stern planes.  I will have to add hinges and towed array tubes to the horizontal planes, there was no way to cast them in place and still get the pieces out of the molds.

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