Hasegawa M3 Grant Medium Tank in 1/72 Scale

This is Hasegawa’s M3 Grant.  Many of the sprues are shared with their Lee, with the exception of the British-style turret.  The turret is undersized but I did not attempt to replace it.  There are several additional changes, which I hope will serve to better differentiate it from the Lee;

–  The stowage boxes on the engine deck are a different size and shape.  I shortened the kit boxes, filed them down, and reversed their sides to get the proper angles.  They should be asymmetric, the one on the starboard side is shorter.

–  Side skirts are fitted.

–  Side rails added, these were supports for bows and canvas to make the tanks look like lorries from the air.

–  The 75mm hull gun has a cover built up with masking tape, superglue, and Mr. Surfacer.

–  Stowage added.