Academy M26 Dragon Wagon Tank Transporter in 1/72 Scale

Academy’s M26 Dragon Wagon tank transporter.  It’s a big vehicle and a big kit – five sprues containing over 200 parts.  I added some detail, but really you could go on and on and on adding to this one.  This would be a challenge to bring up to full contest standards – there are ejector pin marks seemingly everywhere.  Some are deep, and many are in very bad locations.

There are few gotcha’s to warn you about.  The wheels on the tractor will not align without shimming one set out on each side.  I discovered this after the glue had set on mine and had to saw them back off again.  There is a small capstan on the starboard side of the upper winch.  This is provided, but not called for in the instructions.  Likewise, there is a snatchblock provided, I located mine on the centerline of the sloped part forward of the trailer bed.  The items rigged to the beam davit are supposed to be suspended with chain, I cut all the weird bowed supports off and replaced them with railroad chain from the LHS to form a chainfall hoist.  And last, those darn ejector pin marks!  The bed is covered with them!  I filled them with Mr. Surfacer as best I could, and covered what I could with the accessories stored on the bed.  Thankfully there were quite a few of these bits to go around.






One thought on “Academy M26 Dragon Wagon Tank Transporter in 1/72 Scale

  1. Lovely build even with the few gotchas… Can’t figure out why they still don’t check what the final results will be. I can live with Monogram’s model kits in the 60s, but we are approaching 2020… unless they want to test our skills?

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