1/72 Scale Los Angeles Class Submarine Build, Part VI

While time has been at a premium the last few weeks, I did manage to sneak down into the Secret Underground Workshop and make some progress on the submarine.  These are the horizontal stern planes, assembled and with the TASS tubes and hinges added.  The tubes were blended in with plastic strip and superglue and sanded to shape.
This is the last of the castings for the model, one of the forward diving planes which is mounted to the sail.  These were replaced with retractable planes mounted forward on the hull in later boats to improve the ability to break through Arctic ice.  I pinned all the control surfaces in place with 0.040″ bronze rod and glued them with superglue.
Here are all four stern planes in place.  The gray areas on the hull are Mr. Surfacer 500 which I used to check seams.  The planes fit pretty well overall but there is still some blending needed at the joints.  Lots of sanding and still some more to go.
With the sail on she’s starting to look like a sub.  The sails on the Los Angeles boats are fairly small overall as is apparent in this view.

Part VII here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/05/03/1-72-scale-los-angeles-class-submarine-build-part-vii/

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