Princess Leia’s Tantive IV Model From Star Wars Episode IV

Today we’re having a slightly different post in honor of Star Wars Day.  This is the actual movie model of the Tantive IV, Princess Leia’s Rebel blockade runner from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  This is the first Star Wars ship to be seen in the films, famously fleeing from an Imperial Star Destroyer right after the opening text scrawl.  You can make a strong case that the Star Wars film ships are the most viewed models ever built.  An interesting bit of trivia is that this Tantive IV model is larger than the Star Destroyer model used in filming, even though the Star Destroyer represents a much larger ship in the film.

Star Wars was innovative in that many of the models were weathered and “battle damaged”, unlike the squeaky clean ships of other franchises.  Truly the work of some very talented builders.  If you look closely you can identify some familiar shapes and patterns, the builders made extensive use of components from plastic kits.

Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you!





















Star Wars Millennium Falcon filming model here: