2019 IPMS Louisville MMCL Model Show, 1/72 Scale Entries

Pictures from the Louisville 2019 IPMS model show hosted by the Military Modelers Club of Louisville (MMCL) yesterday.  This is always a great show, and this year saw one of their biggest contests with 360 entries.  This club is famous for their hospitality and also for their raffle which is arguably the best in IPMS Region 4.  A great day out and the unofficial start of summer, here is a selection of some of the 1/72 scale entries.

As an aside, it has become somewhat popular in the mainstream media to repeat the narrative that the federal government has neglected infrastructure maintenance here in the U.S.  Speaking solely from my own experience yesterday, I can offer an empirical datapoint to the contrary.  My route from Yorktown to Louisville was about 175 miles (280 km) but I encountered numerous and extensive highway renovation projects along the way.  Long stretches of I-69 and I-65 were being widened and improved, and many areas not currently under reconstruction on those highways had only recently been renovated.  Numerous notices warned of detours in both Louisville and Indianapolis for additional projects which were not along my route.  The bridge on I-65 spanning the Ohio River into Louisville is new, as is the “spaghetti bowl” of highways feeding it.  The small bridge across the raging White River close to my home is also being renovated.  Quite a bit of highway maintenance is being conducted.  Maybe I’m just special but I doubt it.

All that aside, here are some great models to enjoy!