1/72 Scale AMT/ Ertl X/YB-35 Build, Part II

These are the propeller shaft fairings, all four are slightly different. The cooling air scoop for the reduction gear fits poorly. Shape, fill, sand. The discharge air exits at the end of the fairing under the shaft. These outlets are not represented, but are easy to fabricate. I am hoping to shim the bases out a bit for a tight fit and add the fairings at the end of construction.
Here is the finished cockpit, showing the added weight and the nose wheel bay. I have added about 1.5 ounces, hopefully that will suffice. There’s still a few options if it’s not enough, but overloading the gear struts is always a concern. The three crew seats have tape seatbelts, but they will be difficult to see when the model is closed up. The other four seats will be directly under transparencies, they will be equipped with photoetch belts and added later.
Another shot of the cockpit, with a U.S. quarter for scale. I am modeling a “production” machine so I have used Interior Green, but the prototypes were natural metal inside. The green was drybrushed with lighter shades, and everything was given a thin wash of black when detailing was finished. The seat cushions could be yellow or O.D., the kit instructions call out red. Was red a SAC thing?
Next is the major assembly, and to put back all the bits I’ve cut off. I am pleased with this build so far. There is a gremlin waiting, though. The main transparency was loose from the sprue and has a bad scar where it was attached. I’ll try to sand it out and hit it with Future, but it’s ugly.
Well, she’s together, major assembly is complete. Got to say, the fit was terrible! This kit is reminding me more and more of a limited run kit – soft plastic, poor fit, ejector pin marks. Most of the bench time this week was spent filling and sanding, or cleaning up the sub assemblies. Just about through it here. The chaos on the workbench is spreading – 90% of the work gets done on a 3” x 6” spot on the edge.
This is the underside of the wingtip slot. There are five structural supports inside, in some of the pictures of the actual aircraft these can be seen quite clearly. The forward part of the slot was constructed using the portion removed from the wing and two pieces of 0.1” quarter round. The inside was filled with casting resin to level it out.
How do you control yaw without a rudder? Northrop’s solution was a “drag rudder”. Basically, the back of each aileron was constructed as a split flap. These could be employed together as speed brakes, or used asymmetrically to function as a rudder. Here is my attempt at modeling it, the background is a picture of the real deal under construction. Still have a few tweaks, but this is close. My intention is to only display one side open, to illustrate the “rudder” function.

Part III here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/1-72-scale-amt-ertl-x-yb-35-build-part-iii/


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    1. More modern research shows that the insistence of Hitler, that the me-262 have a bomber version did not significantly delayed the development of the fighter.

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