Eduard Mikoyan MiG-15 Royal Class Build in 1/72 Scale Part III

One of my favorite parts of a build is painting, and the MiG-15 wore a wide variety of schemes for quite a number of air forces over its operational career.  I wanted to portray one of my MiGs in Soviet markings.  Surprisingly I had to search a bit for one in camouflage versus a natural metal finish.  Here is one in a segmented scheme.
This one is a little further along, having had decals applied and fully glossed up awaiting a sludge wash to highlight her panel lines.  This one depicts a nightfighter scheme in North Korean markings.  The upper surfaces are done in the same colors but a different pattern, the undersurfaces are in varied tones of “scale black”.  This one was the most fun to paint.
Here are the undersurfaces of the Soviet MiG showing the effects of staining and washes to highlight the panel lines.  The small “bustoffable” parts are in place but have not yet been painted.  I replaced the cannon barrels with Albion metal tubing, the pitot tube was also replaced with metal as otherwise I have a habit of breaking such things off when handling the model.
The finished product.  This is an early MiG-15.  The markings are from the kit, and are for the aircraft of a Soviet pilot flying in North Korean markings.  The pilot was Anatoliy Gogolev, credited with three victories.  The finish here is Alclad Dark Aluminum, sealed with a mixture of Testors Gloss and Dull Coat.
Here is the MiG-15bis in Soviet markings from Hi Decals, which performed perfectly.  The pilot in this case was Nikolay Shkodin who was credited with five victories.
This is another MiG-15bis, this time in a nightfighter scheme.  These markings are from H-Model decals, no problems with these decals either.  Pilot was I. P. Galyshevsky, who claimed a B-29.
Last is the MiG-15UTI trainer.  These are the Eduard kit markings for an Egyptian Air Force machine in service in the 1970 – 1980s.  No particular significance other than I liked the camouflage.

More completed MiG-15 pictures here: