AER Moldova Russian Truck Conversion in 1/72 Scale Part II

Assembly of the major components for the PARM workshop truck is complete.  The bed is injected molded using a different material, perhaps to avoid shrinkage.  No idea what this stuff is.  It reacted well to lacquer paints and superglue so no worries.
As is becoming my standard, the model was shot with Mr. Surfacer 1000 to check for flaws and then coated with Alclad black primer.
The color coat is a light application of Mr. Color 511, Russian Green 4BO.  The thin coat allows the black undercoat to provide a forced shadow effect in the recesses and modulated the tone of the rest of the color coat.  This was followed immediately by a thin partial layer of the 4BO mixed with yellow to provide an additional lighter tone.  A monotone finish should not be monotone at all, if you look at any large object you will start to see many variations in the color.
Here are the gun truck components after receiving the same treatment.  The bed is attached at this point, but the gun and the cab will be fixed in place later.
The bench and gearshift are added to the interior and the model was then coated with Glosscoat to protect the color layers.  I painted the tires a scale black at this point.  Then it received a wash with thinned oil paint, Burnt Umber and Yellow.  I got a set of oils at Hobby Lobby, the cheapest assortment I could find.  For modeling use even the smallest set should last indefinitely.
The gun truck with some light tan drybrushed on the bed to simulate paint wearing off the wood.
The workshop truck components are test fit together after painting and washes.  Note the variation in the monotone finish which helps prevent the “toy-like” feel of using one color.
Windows were made from acetate and the components were all glued into place.  Then undersides of the models were washed with tan, and the lower sides airbrushed with the same to simulate dust.  Finally everything was sealed with Dullcoat.  The workshop truck received more dust than the gun truck.  Done!

More completed photographs here: