Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia Build in 1/72 Scale

This is the Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia kit released in 2010, one of the first of the Airfix renaissance.  The kit is now well known to modelers so I won’t post sprue shots, those can be easily located on the web if desired.  The kit has several strong points but has been justifiably criticized for having overly deep and wide panel lines which are reminiscent of a die-cast model.
One of the strong points is the interior.  The cockpit is well detailed, and the wheel wells are deep.  The plastic is soft compared to other manufacturers.  If you notice the fuselage halves are thick, but there were no sink marks on any of the parts so I suspect that is the reason for Airfix choosing the softer plastic.
The cockpit painted up and washed with black acrylic to bring out the details.  The instrument panel is a decal, which is adequate but could be improved for those wanting more detail.  I added Eduard belts and seat cushion made from plastic stock and masking tape.
Airfix has molded the landing gear legs as part of the doors.  Eduard’s Spitfire IX kits left a large bag of leftover parts for the spares box, so I raided the extras for some better landing gear components.
The Eduard spares actually fit the Airfix kit pretty well.  Airfix provides some nice wheelwell detail, but this shot also illustrates the excessive panel line engraving.
I sprayed the undersurfaces Sky and the upper Dark Earth, then masked the camouflage pattern with poster putty.
I used Mr. Color for the uppersurfaces and Testors Model Master for the Sky.  I think the Mr. Color Dark Earth is a bit too dark and not yellow enough, and the Dark Green could be a little darker.  The colors should have a little more contrast.  For what it’s worth, the Model Master Dark Earth matches the tone of the Mr. Color paint, so maybe the problem is my perception.
Here is a shot of the finished model.  Decals are from Xtradecal sheet X72117 for the Battle of Britain.  These laid down well but have a tendency to want to ball up so be careful when applying them.  As an aside I test fit a spare Eduard canopy to the Airfix fuselage, the Eduard kit is much more narrow compared to the Airfix.