Airfix Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

Next up is the Airfix new tool B-17G, specifically the “Eighth Air Force: B-17G & Bomber Re-Supply Set” boxing.  The model represents a late production Fortress with staggered waist gun positions and a Cheyenne tail turret.  It looks like Airfix has left some room for other versions, the cheek gun & windows are an insert, and the tail gun position is separate from the fuselage.  A modeler wishing to convert this kit to an earlier version would also have to address the staggered waist guns which were only found on later G Forts.  But that’s just crazy talk.
The flight deck and bomb bay build up as a module which also incorporates  the wing spars.  This should ensure correct wing dihedral, which was a problem with the Academy B-17 kits.
Here is a shot of the major interior components all built up.  This is more than adequate as it is difficult to see the interior detail on a completed Fortress model.  It is a little tempting to add more, but it would be wasted effort.  Note the cut outs for the cheek inserts on the nose.
I did blank off the wing recesses with plastic sheet.  I am planning on leaving the bomb bay doors open and the wing interior was closed off from the fuselage on the real aircraft.
Here the aft fuselage has been painted and given a wash of acrylic black.  The doors between compartments were made from sheet stock and painted to look like finished plywood.
The flight deck was the only compartment which retained the sound deadening insulation on later Fortresses, if you see ribs they should be painted aluminum.  I made the pilot’s and co-pilot’s seat cushions from sheet stock.  I masked the inside of the cheek windows with masking tape, which was also used to fabricate seatbelts.
An overall view of the interior.  You can get some glimpses of the interior after the fuselage is closed up, but I refrained from adding more details because you just can’t see that much through the transparencies.

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