Trumpeter Sd. Kfz. 184 Ferdinand in 1/72 Scale

The Ferdinand design used the 93 hulls produced by Porsche for their entry in the design competition for what was to become the Tiger tank.  The hulls were adapted to be completed as tank destroyers, with an 88 mm gun in a fixed casement at the rear of the hull.  They were first used at the Battle of Kursk, where their superior gun and armor allowed them to dominate the battlefield.  Mobility was their greatest liability, as the overloaded automotive components made them subject to mechanical breakdown, and their weight made them difficult to recover.  Most Ferdinands losses at Kursk were caused by mine damage or mechanical breakdown.  The survivors were rebuilt as Elefants and re-deployed to Italy.

This is Trumpeter’s Ferdinand kit.  It is very well detailed and can be built up into a convincing replica.  The complex suspension is duplicated in all its glory.  Tracks are of the link and length design, which I find a little difficult to work with.  This is a nice kit but not one which goes together quickly.