Hasegawa P-51K Mustang in 1/72 Scale

This is Hasegawa’s North American P-51K kit, basically it is the same as a “D” except uncuffed prop blades have been added and the canopy is bulged.  Neither feature definitively identifies a “K” however, these parts were interchangeable with those on the more common “D” models.  One flaw shared by many Hasegawa kits is shallow wheelwells.  On the Mustang kit they are so shallow the gear doors won’t fit into them, let alone the wheels!  Aries resin provided a replacement with some depth.  I also substituted an Aries seat and sidewalls in the cockpit.

Hasegawa’s P-51s have been somewhat overshadowed by the Tamiya kits.  Ironically, one of the three sets of markings supplied in Tamiya’s P-51D Aces boxing is actually for a P-51K!  Hasegawa’s decals are older with creamy whites, so I went with the Tamiya decals for this build.

Nooky Booky IV was the mount of Major “Kit” Carson, the leading scorer of the 357th FG with 18.5 aerial victories, plus another 5.5 on the ground.  Major Carson survived the war, as did his aircraft.  Nooky Booky IV was scrapped in Germany after the war.