Airfix Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Build in 1/72 Scale Part IV

After several minutes of gentle squeezing and prying, I was able to remove the nose transparency and the clear cheek pieces.  They didn’t come off entirely cleanly, you can see a portion of the piece remains in the lower right corner of the opening.  I masked off the rest of the aircraft to protect the finish and put the panels in their proper places.  Then filling and sanding commenced.  After three rounds of priming and sanding I eventually got everything smooth again.
Here is the model with the cheek pieces in their proper places.  The model has been given a coat of Testors Glosscoat in preparation for decals and weathering.  I got lucky this time.  Hopefully I’ll learn from this and never repeat this kind of mistake again, but somehow I doubt it!
I used Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color as the first step in weathering, black to highlight the panel lines and brown and black to simulate oil leaks.  I built up the oil leaks and drug them back from the engines with a soft brush.  Exhaust stains were applied with enamel paints and an airbrush.
The props are painting exercises unto themselves.  One thing which many modelers miss is the back faces of the propellers are usually dust-scored, and the paint is often worn off, especially closer to the tips.
Finished!  Decals are from Kits-World, and represent “Anxious Angel” of the 401st Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group.  I really like the Airfix B-17G and plan on building a few more soon!
Here is a close-up of the repaired nose section with the nose art in place.  Anxious Angel had a red band around the nose, something which is overlooked in the decal painting guide but visible in pictures.
Weathering effects on the port wing.  All paint and weathering was applied from forward to aft so any streaks go in the direction of airflow.  You can see the differences in the panel shading in this view.

More finished pictures here:

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