Airfix Douglas C-47 Skytrain Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

I’ve always had a soft spot for the C-47, it’s one of those designs where they got it right.  They were flying long before I was born, and they’ll still be at it long after I’ve gone.  When Airfix released their new C-47 I couldn’t resist.
Airfix provides a nice interior, the real aircraft was not that busy inside and you won’t be able to see much of it anyway.  If you leave the crew access door open some of this would be visible.
The fuselage is basically empty – just like it should be.  The jump seats are optional and are molded as separate pieces.  The cargo doors and crew access door are also molded as separate pieces, posing the cargo doors open would reveal the fuselage interior pretty well for those wanting to do so.
I painted the interior Dull Dark Green (FS 34092).  Seatbelts are made from masking tape.  There is a decal for the instrument panel, but I doubt it will be visible once the fuselage is closed up.  I put mine in anyway because I had it, but I wouldn’t invest in an aftermarket panel.
I washed the interior with acrylic black and drybrushed the raised detail with silver.  The cargo bay floor is natural aluminum.  For those wanting something different, there is ample photographic evidence that many C-47 interiors were painted a color resembling RAF Sky.

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