Airfix Douglas C-47 Skytrain Build in 1/72 Scale Part II

Airfix has made some interesting engineering choices with this kit.  The wing center section spans across the underside of the fuselage.  The wing spar sits on top of this piece, and forms the back of the wheelwells and the wing leading edge landing lights.  Should be no problem getting the dihedral tight on this one!
The wing panels fit nicely, just follow the build sequence in the instructions.  The after part of the wing fillet is molded as a separate piece which is unusual, but this fit well and caused no issues.
The engines are nicely molded.  You could invest in some aftermarket engines but they are not required to get a good build.
I did add ignition wires to mine, a simple improvement which improves the detail.  The wires are made from very fine copper electronics wire.  These were folded in half and superglued into holes drilled behind the harness ring.
Painting propellers can be a pain.  Most U.S. propellers have yellow tips and a polished hub.  I painted these first and protected the tips with masking tape.  The hub is a bit more difficult to mask, so I made a slotted piece of card to slip over the blades to protect the hub from overspray.  Airfix provides both broad and narrow prop styles so there is a set for the spares box.  While I was at it I painted up both sets so future me will have a little less to do next time.
All the transparencies are installed and protected with Eduard masks.  I then sprayed Mr. Surfacer 500 to check seams.  The kit really assembles quickly and with no drama.  After this is smoothed she’ll be ready to prime.

3 thoughts on “Airfix Douglas C-47 Skytrain Build in 1/72 Scale Part II

      1. Hey mate I’m a bit like you on that with my dios as you never know how closely folk look at things and as I like little kids to see things I put things in mine that only they can see unless an adult gets down on there knees , our little secrets I tell them 😉, so stay with it mate !

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