Dragon Kfz.18 Einheits Horch 4×4 Type 1a in 1/72 Scale

Dragon calls this one a “Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40”.  The Germans tried to standardize their automotive transport during WWII, this was a Schwerer Einheits PKW (heavy standard passenger car) produced by Horch, the Kfz. 18.  There were many specialized variations of this vehicle and I am no expert, but I have no idea why Dragon doesn’t just call it a Horch personnel car.  Maybe a copyright issue of some kind.

All the confusing designations aside, this is a nice kit and a fun build.  The main body is a single piece wonder of slide mold technology and the smaller parts are added to this to build up the model.  These were packaged two to a box and were frequently discounted, so I’ve built a few.  I find these types of vehicles are useful to pose along with aircraft to give a sense of scale or to use in dioramas with other vehicles so they are handy to have around.























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