1/72 Scale Zvezda T-35 Soviet Heavy Tank

The T-35 was the only five-turreted tank ever put into production.  The zenith of the “land battleship” concept, it entered service in 1933, and saw combat service in the opening stages of Operation Barbarossa.  With one 76mm gun, two 45mm guns, and five machine guns it was heavily armed for its time, but it was protected with only 30mm of armor which made it vulnerable to most anti-tank weapons.  One has to wonder when a tactical scenario would require engaging five targets simultaneously, but if that scenario was ever realized the T-35 would be ready!

Zvezda has made a fine kit here, it is well detailed and goes together nicely.  It is also an unusual subject, so if you have seen too many T-34s this one makes a nice change of pace.  Build thread here:  https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/11/15/zvezda-t-35-soviet-heavy-tank-build-in-1-72-scale/















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