Zvezda ISU-152 Tank Destroyer Build in 1/72 Scale

The ISU-152 was a tank destroyer version of the IS-2 heavy tank.  The two vehicles utilized the same lower hull and automotive components, but the ISU-152 carried a 152 mm gun in a large casement structure.
This is another press-fit model from Zvezda, the box claims “no glue required” but most modelers will use standard thin cement (MEK) just to be sure.  This kit shares the same lower hull and track molding as the IS-2 kit, but oddly the running gear and accessories do not share a common mold, being laid out differently in each boxing.
The tracks are designed to be press-fit in place, using mounting tabs trapped within the return rollers.  This works, but is fiddly to assemble.  It is easier to pin the tracks in place and then superglue the outer rollers over them.
The 12.7 mm machine gun is beautifully molded, I only wish Zvezda had found room on the sprue to include another!  There is a minor goof here, the press-fit tab on the sight arm doesn’t have a place to fit.  Easily rectified with a hobby knife and some glue.
I ballasted the hull with BBs embedded in casting resin.  The suspension is quite sturdy and had no problems taking the extra load.
Everything ready to paint.  The casement received a stippling of Mr. Surfacer 1000 to simulate the casting texture.  Grab handles were replaced with wire.
Primary painting and sealing are complete in this picture.  Tracks are painted Mr. Color Tire Black and washed with Tamiya brown panel line color.
The model was weathered with Tamiya black panel line color and various colors of oil paint.  The oils can be diluted with thinner to leave behind as much or as little color as you want, and built up in layers to achieve the desired effects.
Here are the ISU-152 and the IS-2 side by side.  The family resemblance is apparent.