1/72 Scale Zvezda ISU-152 Tank Destroyer

The ISU-152 was the tank destroyer version of the IS-2 heavy tank.  The two vehicles utilized the same lower hull and automotive components, but the ISU-152 carried a 152 mm gun in a large casement structure.  The 152 mm used a two-part load, the projectile and the powder case were separate.  This slowed down loading time but the round was powerful enough to defeat just about any armor it encountered on the battlefield.  Zvezda has made a nice kit of the ISU-152, the only odd thing is they have chosen to cut new molds rather than share components with their IS-2 which was released about the same time.  Build thread here:  inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2019/12/03/1-72-scale-zvezda-isu-152-tank-destroyer/



















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