Russian Tank Batch Build in 1/72 Scale

I often build models in groups, especially if they share the same construction or color pallet.  Over the last year I have been slowly accumulating Russian armor builds.  These I would assemble and set aside, usually to keep working while allowing for drying time on another project.  I eventually got to the point where several models were built up and it was time to finish them off.

This is the Trumpeter KV-1 heavy tank.  It features one-piece vinyl tracks and goes together well.  The braces for the mudguards are molded as solid pieces so I cut them off and replaced them with Evergreen strip.  Mr. Surfacer “casting texture” was applied to the turret.
Trumpeter’s KV-2 is a beast.  It shares the lower hull and running gear with their KV-1 with a separate sprue for the upper hull and turret.  I replaced the mudguard bracing here as well, and made new grab handles from wire.
I really like the looks of the T-34/85, and Trumpeter’s offering captures the look well.  There was a little bit of filler needed at the upper and lower hull joints, but otherwise there were no issues.
This is Dragon’s T-34/76 Mod. 1943.  This one gives you the option of using P.E. for the engine grille, which really looks great when installed.  The DS tracks work with regular modeling glue and are easy to install.  I added lots of grab handles to this one.  I vacillated on the commander’s hatch, eventually I switched back to the one in the kit for the finished model.
UM models are not as well known in the West as other brands.  They are generally not bad kits, featuring some fine detail but requiring a little more from the modeler to achieve a good result.  This is one of a series of Soviet armored cars, the BA-9.  A second turret of a different design is included in the kit so other versions are possible.  The kit was provided with vinyl tires.  These do have certain advantages but all in all I would prefer molded plastic as I find them easier to work with.
Another UM kit, this is the SU-100 assault gun.  This kit has vinyl for the road wheels and link and length track.  I was worried about getting a solid join with this combination but it held together well with superglue.  The engine grill is provided on a small fret of P.E.
This is another UM kit, the T-34/76 “screened” tank, in this case the “screen” refers to additional appliqué armor panels for the glacis and turret.  The engine grill is provided on a small P.E. fret.  I thought I had lost this fret, so I cut out the grill panel and used the spare plastic piece from Dragons T-34/76.  After I had made the change I found the P.E. fret in the small bag with the decals, but the deed was done.
Here is the whole batch painted with Mr. Color 4BO and sealed.
Another group shot after weathering.  I tried out various weathering combinations using oils, washes, and pigments.  This was a good chance to experiment, no two are done the same way.