1/72 Scale N1K Kyofu / Shiden Batch Build Part II

Here are the engines ready for painting.  The two on the left are for Hasegawa’s Kyofu, in the light tan is Tamiya’s Shiden, and the rest are cast replacements using the Kyofu engine and Aoshima gearbox.  All the engines have ignition wires added using beading wire from the local crafts store.
Cockpits are arranged in a similar manner, taped to card and awaiting paint.  All have been enhanced with the addition of various levers and other details using Evergreen stock and wire.
I start with a base coat of black to emphasize the shadows.  The green cockpit color is painted over that, but is not sprayed to completely cover the black in the deepest recesses.  Then lighter mixes of the green are sprayed on, the last being a thin mix from directly above.  The intention is to artificially create the effect of light and shadow within the cockpit.
Here is the finished effect after painting.  The instrument panels, radios, and seatbelts are graphics printed to scale on photographic paper, cut out and positioned in the cockpits.  The paper gives the belts a thickness which is lacking in PE seatbelts.  I know it’s cheating but it works!  The knobs and levers were picked out in the appropriate colors and everything received a wash to bring out the details.
The engines received a coat of Alclad Aluminum and Tamiya Panel Line Wash.
While things were drying I began assembly of the major components.  This is an unusual feature of the Hasegawa Kyofu – a plastic weight trapped inside the float.  Oddly there were no deformities from shrinkage on these parts.  Hopefully Hasegawa knows what they are doing and this is enough weight, but I was tempted to add more.
These are the replacement cockpit tubs inside the Hasegawa Shiden Kai fuselages, a big improvement over the kit parts.  The kits had the front of the cockpit opening over the instrument panels decked over, this was removed.  Also note the oval shaped openings which were drilled out aft of the antenna masts.  This was for a small window which allowed light to enter the fuselage interior to help when servicing the aircraft.

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