Dragon Northrop YF-23 Black Widow in 1/72 Scale

The YF-23 Black Widow was Northrop’s entry into the USAF Advanced Tactical Fighter competition, which was eventually won by the F-22 Raptor.  Dragon kitted the YF-23, the blended wing and fuselage configuration makes for a very simple model as everything is molded together as a large single top and large single bottom piece with very few other parts to add – mainly the landing gear and cockpit.  I decided to build mine as if it were from an operational unit.  Two Bobs excellent F-22 sheet provided replacement markings plus two to spare if I ever build a Raptor.  Markings are of the 325th TFW at Tyndall AFB in Florida, a possible appearance if the YF-23 had entered production instead of (or in addition to) the F-22. One of the two YF-23s completed is currently at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton.
















4 thoughts on “Dragon Northrop YF-23 Black Widow in 1/72 Scale

  1. Lovely work. I heard another contributory factor was that being a slightly smaller company Northrop was thought to be unable to deliver potentially as well as Lockheed given their time needing to be spent on the B2 fleet too.



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