Academy Boeing B-29 Superfortress in 1/72 Scale

One of the bigger WWII era kits in 1/72 scale is Academy’s Boeing B-29A Superfortress.  Airfix issued one around 1970 or so, and Academy first released theirs in the early 1990’s.   Academy re-released their kit again with markings for camouflaged subjects.  It’s huge when built up – a 16.5 inch ( 41.9 cm) length and a 23.5 inch (59.7 cm) wingspan.

The model depicts Joltin’ Josie the Pacific Pioneer which was the first B-29 to land on Saipan on 12OCT44, piloted by General Haywood S. Hansell and Major Jack Catton. Hansell headed the XXI Bomber Command. Catton was a flight leader of the 873rd squadron in the 498th Bomb Group.  After logging 400 flight hours and 24 missions over Japan during which Josie never suffered an abort and always hit the primary target, Major Catton was transferred to General Curtis LeMay’s Headquarters. Captain Wilson C. Currier took over as aircraft commander.  Josie was lost on the first mission following Major Catton’s departure. Immediately after taking off on 1 April 1945, she plummeted into Magicienne Bay and exploded on impact. There were no survivors.













14 thoughts on “Academy Boeing B-29 Superfortress in 1/72 Scale

  1. Correction… I am not sure if I had built Airfix 1/72 B-29 in the 70s, but I am sure I have built Monogram’s 1/48 though. Still have it and it’s HUGE!

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