9 thoughts on “Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 Walk Around

      1. Sometimes we get so excited around these planes that we forget this aspect. I have enjoyed reading the plaque… but you don’t have to go back and take pictures of all of them. I remembered I took some photos of the plaques in 1976.

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      2. I generally try to take the pictures of the plaques, but I don’t always post them with the pictures. Some of the plaques are fairly wide, some of the pictures don’t turn out very good.

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  1. .. Rall may have been appointed the last CO of JG 300 in April 1945 but if I recall the unit history it is stated that he never flew a sortie. Always wondered what happened to this particular example’s gear legs.

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    1. On many of the museum’s aircraft the oleo struts have lost pressure and compressed, the Ju 88 I posted a few weeks ago has the same issue. The problem is this gives an erroneous impression of the proper “sit” of the aircraft. Some museums install braces on the gear legs to counter this.


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