IBG Models Chevrolet C15A Personnel Lorry Build in 1/72 Scale

IBG released a family of Chevrolet trucks in 1/72 scale in 2009, and subsequently issued some in 1/35 as well.  There are several versions of this kit which vary in bed configuration as this proved to be a versatile design.  The kits have been well supported by the aftermarket and you can find all the resin and PE accessories you need to really detail this build if that is your desire.
The kits share a common parts sprue with cab and bed variations as needed to provide for the specific sub-type being modeled.  Parts are well molded and flash free, but there are some mold lines to clean up.
The frame is quite fiddly to assemble, with a rather illogical degree of parts breakdown.  It appears the designers had the goal of maximizing the number of parts while minimizing their size.  A total of 38 parts are required to build up the frame if my count was correct, which is roughly three to four times the number required by most manufacturers.
Here is the cab assembly test-fit onto the frame.  I have left the roof off the cab to better paint the interior.
The bed is modular and can be built up as a sub-assembly.  The cross bars for the canvas framework were replaced with Evergreen stock as this is easier than removing the mold lines and sprue attachment points from the kit parts.  The grab handle on the cab roof was replaced with wire.
Here is the main chassis under primer in preparation for painting.  I mounted the main part of the engine but left off some of the accessories as they would not be visible with the hood closed.
Here are the main assemblies after painting.  The base color is Olive Drab with Dark Earth seat covers.
After assembly and a layer of GlossCoat the kit decals were used.  The decals worked great and went on without issue.  I added side mirrors made from wire and plastic sheet.
The model was given a black wash and a light coat of dust, then sealed with DullCoat.  The windshield is made from clear acetate and held in place with a coat of Future.  This builds up into a nice little replica, but the engineering of the chassis is needlessly complex.