MPM Kawanishi N1K1 Shiden 紫電 Violet Lightning “George” in 1/72 Scale

This is the limited run MPM Shiden kit from the 1990s.  It is rather crude by today’s standards and has been superseded by the excellent Tamiya offering.  Almost all of the smaller parts have been replaced on this build.  The cockpit was completely replaced and the wheelwells enclosed and detailed.  It can be built into a presentable model but requires a lot of work.

The aircraft carries the markings of Chief Petty Officer Tomeshiro Hiro of the Tsukuba Kokutai in February 1945.















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8 thoughts on “MPM Kawanishi N1K1 Shiden 紫電 Violet Lightning “George” in 1/72 Scale

  1. You did an excellent job on a very poorly cast model. I spent weeks trying to complete my version and it is almost ready to paint. I had to totally rebuild what little cockpit detail there is but I am getting there. My building ability is not as good as yours obviously but it has been a challenge that I have accepted. MPM kits leave a lot to be desired but considering their cost it is somewhat of a reasonable challenge if you are willing and have the time and patience. Tamiya and ICM are worlds ahead! And probably would take 1/3 rd the time to complete! Thanks for sharing your build completion pictures!

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    1. Thanks Rickey! The old limited run kits are great for honing your skills, but if you’re looking for an easy, accurate build right out of the box there are usually better options.


      1. That is for sure. However like you say, making a “silk purse” from a “sows ear” hones your abilities and skills like nothing else. It will frustrate you but will teach you how to relax and accept what you have and use your talent, pick the correct tools and be proud of your accomplishment. Thanks Jeff.

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