RPM Hotchkiss H35 French Light Tank in 1/72 Scale

This is the 2009 RPM issue Hotchkiss H35 light tank.  This is a small tank and a small model.  RPM have done a good job with this kit, it is crisply molded and without flash.  It is well detailed and features a really good start on the interior if you’d like to model the hatches open.  The tracks are one piece, but there are ample fiddly bits for those who might otherwise feel slighted.  The decals are printed on a continuous sheet of carrier film, I would advise trimming the film back as far as possible as it was a little reluctant to settle in.  The only real down side of this kit is the vague instructions which only add to the confusion of not having parts numbers on the sprues.  Other than that, a straight forward model which builds up nicely.