Airfix WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set in 1/72 Scale

Here are some finished pictures from the 2013 Airfix RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set – or more accurately a part of that set.  This is just a portion of what is in the box – the David Brown tractor and bomb carts.  Below are the tractors from two sets and a mix of bombs and fuel trailers.  There are many more accessories and bits of equipment included, along with two additional vehicles.















4 thoughts on “Airfix WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set in 1/72 Scale

    1. This is definitely an RAF set. The vehicles and ordinance are British types in British markings, AFAIK they were not operated by U.S. forces, at least not commonly. Airfix does make a similar set for the USAAF, with U.S. vehicles and equipment. Sounds like that is the one you want. I keep hoping that they’ll add a Luftwaffe set as well at some point.

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  1. Those are lovely Jeff. Really nice- what paint did you use for the green/brown base.

    As an aside I grew up across the valley from a David Brown factory- could see their yards with score of tractors lined up on.



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