Special Hobby Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Batch Build Part III

One of the Warhawks will represent a machine of the 343rd Fighter Group in the Aleutians.  The gritty sand of the airfields there got into everything and wore away the paint on the wingroots of the aircraft, this is evident in almost every picture you can find.  This is a chipping technique I have used in the past with some success.  The areas to be chipped are first painted with Alclad Aluminum, and then sealed with a coat of Future (Klear).  Then Micro Mask is stippled onto the areas where you want the chipping, in this case along the seams of the wingroot.
I then covered the area with a Zinc Chromate primer color and camouflaged as usual.  When everything was dry the paint on the worn areas was removed with masking tape.  You have some control over the process at this point, the chipped areas will expand the more you apply the tape, at least to a point.
For finer chips I augmented Revlon Modeling Silver Chipping Medium.  This comes in other useful colors as well and has a very fine brush built into the cap.  You can also see I have begun to distress the Olive Drab camouflage by dappling on slightly different shades with bits of sponge.
For segmented schemes poster putty is used.
Here all the main paintwork has been applied and everything has received a coat of Future in preparation for decals.  That was my intention anyway, but as you can see I began applying insignia before I remembered I needed to shoot the photograph!
After the decals had thoroughly dried another coat of Future was applied to seal everything in preparation for washes and weathering.

Part IV here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2020/06/12/special-hobby-curtiss-p-40-warhawk-batch-build-part-iv/

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