Plastic Soldier StuG III Ausf. G Assault Gun Build in 1/72 Scale Part II

Modifications are shown on the Trumpeter StuG.  This is the one kit of the four with detailed running gear so I will leave off the Schürzen but this particular subject vehicle still had the support rail.  I fabricated this from Evergreen stock with supports made from Tequila bottle seal for strength.  The kit was missing the towing padeyes on the front of the hull.
The “fencing” around the engine deck was installed at the factory on many StuGs and varied in configuration, for wargamers this would make a natural holder for a six-sided dice.  I also constructed the sheet metal dust shield over the mufflers under the rear hull and drilled out the exhausts on all the kits, although this is barely visible here.
I like making Zimmerit!  Most StuGs appeared in the Alkett “waffle pattern” Zimmerit.  I can’t make that accurately, but this particular StuH 42 carried the troweled line pattern which I have made here with Mr. Surfacer 500 and a jeweler’s screwdriver.  The Mr. Surfacer is very forgiving, any errors can be erased with thinner and applied again.
Plastic Soldier represents the Notek driving light with a molded-on bump and ignores the travel lock for the gun.  Neither is particularly difficult to construct and makes a nice improvement.
I shaved off the molded-on towing cables and substituted extras from the spares box.  The Trumpeter kit had no cables at all.
Some StuGs had their armor supplemented by filling in recesses in the forward fighting compartment armor with concrete.  My concrete is made from Perfect Plastic Putty which is easy to work for applications such as this.
This StuG will have the Saukopf gun mantlet as well as the concrete armor.  Visible on the hull front is the mounting bar for a length of spare track which many crews carried there to supplement the armor.  Photographs show spare track was carried in several additional locations by some StuG crews.  I really wish kit manufacturers would provide several extra track sections to allow these variations to be more easily modeled.
This StuG has two towing cables which are already shackled to the padeyes at the rear of the hull.  This was often done to facilitate a quick recovery if the vehicle was damaged in combat.
This vehicle has the “winged” MG shield for the loader.  Plastic Soldier provides a part for this style and the flat foldable version, but both parts are rather thick.  The Trumpeter parts are very nicely done, but the kit contains only one of each so additional shields will have to be scratch built to equip all four models.
I have made the Schürzen from Evergreen sheet to replace the overly-thick kit parts.  These will be painted and installed separately near the end of construction.

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